Alan Walker - The Spectre | Launchpad Cover [UniPad Project File]

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Alan Walker - The Spectre | Launchpad Cover [UniPad Project File]

Hello hello...I'm back xDD

Today, I bring to you a brand new cover and a brand new project!! ❤🔥💪

Well, this is my fastest project I've ever made!! (I know is pretty late xD) And also this is also my first self-made project I've ever made, finally not using other people project xD

This project will only work on UniPad, sorry for the user who uses Ableton.

If you want to play this project on your Launchpad, you will need to download UniPad form Play Store to play it 😀(IOS not available 😓)

Project File :

Difficulty : 5/10

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Don't know what UniPad is? UniPad is like a simulator version of Launchpad, it's free for everyone to download :)

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! My The Spectre project is now officially became a part of Official UniPad UniPack!!! You can now download The Spectre from the Official store on UniPad!!! Much love to UniPad for uploading my UniPack ❤
Thank you guys for making this possible 😘

Also thanks to Dot Zeroo for his UniStudio app for helping me making the LEDs possible❤

Here's the app that I use to create the LEDs :

Maybe you guys will be asking why not just do this project on Ableton? Well, I wanted to, but I didn't know how to do it yet. So I do this project on UniPad first, when I already good with it, I will try making project on Ableton 👌

Big thanks to Alan Walker for this amazing remasterd track :D

Original song :

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