ROBLOX SAD NOOB STORY - The Spectre (Alan Walker)

3.32 Minutes
11.056.662 Views | 31 Mar 2018
ROBLOX SAD NOOB STORY - The Spectre (Alan Walker)


Hey guys! Been working on this music video for about a week! I really hope you guys going to enjoy it! Make Sure to Subscribe and click the Bell Notification button!

Special thanks to Alan Walker for making this song free for us and all credit goes to him!
Original song video:

This video demonstrates how many kids in the school are being bullied and made fun of because they are poor or they lost part of their family. Never judge a person by their appearance,they didnt choose to be like that,life brought them there,not everyone's life is easy,try to help to someone as much as you can,give your best.If they allow you to help them,help them! If they dont...You tried your best.Be nice :)

Credits To ObliviousHD for the Animation Script and Idle Animation! Thank you!

NOTE: If you want to react to this video,feel free to do it! Just make sure to put the link in the description of the original video :) Thank you!.


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